About the Kennel and Owner

My Goals as A Breeder

I want to diversify the Shikoku community in North America. We have a few breeders and small bloodlines. With importing different bloodlines, we can continue to improve the breed here in North America. Through showing, we can expose the breed to new people (that will fall in love with them!) 
I want to continously breed behaviourly sound puppies that will grow with their new families needs, aswell as conform to breed standard. 


It all started when…

When I was young, I told everyone I would become a veterinarian. I said no matter what, I wanted to work with animals. Most people (as they do to all young kids) told me I would change my mind and pick something different. In reality, they were right...  (sort-of)

After high school, I took a year off to figure out where I was going to go and to make some money. I went to Sheridan College for Animal Care, and graduated with a honors diploma.
Through this program, I discovered a dog trainer program, that would offer obedience classes for dogs and behavior consults but also taught people if they wanted to become dog trainers. I immediately was drawn to this idea. I enrolled in 2016. 

While in my program at Sheridan College, I learnt about the Shikoku Ken and was drawn to their personality. I knew as a person who was very independent, loved my hikes and wanted a challenge. I researched alot and met a Shikoku before going on a waiting list. Once I was on the waiting list, I researched more and more, and kept falling in love. I met many more shikokus, puppies to adults during 2015. 

I picked up Mayumi March 2016. I was three months into my dog training program, it was perfect. We went together to classes and she immediately excelled in obedience level 1 training. She was (still is) a well tempered Shikoku. When I was on the waiting list with Katja, I told her I would possibly like to breed, but never committed to the idea. Once I had Mayumi, I knew this is what I wanted to do. I found my life passion; which is training dogs for other people, helping them and their pets, aswell as breeding Shikoku. It lets me raise these amazing canines and give them a good head start in life. It also lets me give people new companions in their lives. I knew that I always wanted to work with animals, but I'm happy I've found a calling that isnt "work"; its my home-life. 


Through my program at Sheridan College, I began my career with animals at a Boarding Kennel. This facility also bred Miniature Schnauzers. Throughout the 2 years that I worked there, I whelped many litters, through easy births and complications. I learned a lot about the time and effort it takes to raise a litter and what is needed. I loved every minute of it. I loved that I got to bond with these puppies and seeing how happy every family was when they got to come and pick up their new pet.

I have also worked at an 24 hour Emergency Veterinary Clinic. I was lucky enough to work in Dentistry, Surgery and Emerg. After that, I worked at a local pet store where I learned the differences between feeding kibble and feeding raw, as well as pros and cons about different brands of kibble.

I have worked very hard to be where I am at a young age. I love what I do. I love the breed and I will try my hardest to continuously learn and grow.