The Shikoku Standard

Shikoku Ken, also known as Kochi Ken


Family: Primitive, spitz, Northern, CKC hound class.
Origin: Japan ancient times
Original Function: Hunting (specifically boar)
Today's Function: Companion, Hunting
Average Size of Male: Height: 20 - 22 inches Weight: 35-55 pounds
Average Size of Female: Height: 17 - 19 inches Weight: 30-40 pounds

The Shikoku Ken is an alert, independent dog that is very loyal to its master. They are very intelligent and excel in obedience training as they love to work for their owners. The Shikoku Ken has a strong prey drive and this can often be seen in chasing small animals when given the chance. They are an active breed who love to be outdoors. This breed would be best suited for active families. The Shikoku is generally quiet indoors when they are exercised properly. It is important to exercise your Shikoku daily both mentally and physically. The breed requires early socialization and training to reduce unwanted behaviours.

I once read a page about different breed types, highlighting the toy, hounds, non-sporting. (and etc.) The Shikoku Ken is classified under the hound group in CKC. I felt the blurb on the hound dog was very accurate to what I've experienced with the Shikoku.

Hounds- Hounds were bred to work alone (independent of humans) so they tend to be independent in nature. As a result, their willingness to please tends to fall a bit short and due to their instinct for sigh or sounds, they do tend to distract quite easily. They also become bored easily so repetitive training exercise can be a challenge for these dogs. Switching up the training exercises often will offer better success with the breeds in this group. Often their boredom and nature to easily distracted can be misinterpreted as stubbornness . On the upside, these dogs typically have absolutely wonderful temperaments.

Coat colours vary between Red-Sesame, Sesame, Black Sesame and Black and Tan. 
Red-Sesame (Aka-Goma): More red than black colours
Sesame (Goma): Equal Mix of red and black
Black Sesame (Kuro Goma): More black than red colour
Black and Tan (Kuro): A black base with some red and white

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