Owning Your Puppy

Cost: Full Price

Ownership: Full

Sex: Female or Male

Spay/Neuter Contract: Yes (must spay/neuter by 24 months)

I still encourage owners to enter their dogs in CKC shows after 1 year to help other people learn about the Shikoku Breed. You can also enter as an altered class once they are spayed and neutered. 


Co- Owning Your Puppy

Cost: Full Price- once youve provided the pet for 2 litters, you will get a refund or a free puppy from one of then litters.

Ownership: 50/50

Sex: Female or Male - local Ontario only

Co-owning a dog with my kennel entails that when they’re 24 months old, I will pay for evaluations of eyes and hips. If they pass, then I will use them in my breeding program.
Males would be used as Studs and Females would be used and boarded at my house for approx 4 months
Aswell as from 6 months onwards, I would be able to take them to handling class and from 1 year onwards I can enter them in shows and have access to them for weekends worth of time until theyve receives their CKC Championship or I am done showing them.
All costs regarding to daily pet life are on the co-owner; all vaccinations, obedience class costs, any emergency pet costs. All costs relating to breeding will be up to the breeder (myself); handling classes, entering shows etc.
Please email me for more information.