Brickworks Shikoku Meetup

Hey guys! Welcome to my Shikoku Update. We had a Shikoku meetup this morning.

Joining us today was;  

  • Tochi, female, 3 years old  - Julius harness
  • Mayumi, female, 2 years old  - orange harness 
  • Kaiya, female, almost 1 years old - black harness 
  • Loki, female, 5 months - green harness  

This is also the order they are in the photo below from left to right! 


Mayumi, Tochi and Loki ran off leash, however we all ended up just grouped together while our dogs played together! 

Loki and Kaiya were having a blast wrestling and while these photos might look scary; this is how Shikoku play! They are very mouthy and vocal!  (No one was hurt in these photos)

Tochi and Mayumi liked to play off leash and play “chase me!” 

I am also learning that Mayumi can be offleash with other offleash dogs around and be recalled back to me, its about 100% success rate in recalling her with people/other dogs offleash. (which is awesome) 

Overall it was a very fun walk with everybody and I’m glad the dogs got to run around and play with each other! I’ll attach some more photos below!