MyDogDNA results are in!

First, here is the link to her results, I've also posted them to her dog profile on my website. Looking at these results, I'm sort of learning what everything means while having my biology friends explain everything! It's still very cool. Her GHI is 88. I've found more common breeds have a higher GHI than 100, however I think 88 is still pretty good, as looking at other shikokus they range from 78-90. 

Trying to learn about coat colours, Mayumi si ay/aw. ay is dominant, and im presuming thats her red sesame look about her and aw is recessive to ay. Aw/aw would be a black sesame dog. Doing a punnett square, if I bred with an aw/aw in theory its 50%/50% red sesame to black sesame puppies. 

In my mind you cant predict what colour puppies you will have, but its nice. I dont want to place any puppies based on colour preference. I understand the aesthetically pleasing a black sesame Shikoku is, they look like wolfs or coyotes. I originally wanted a black sesame, however I chose Mayumi based on personality and how she would fit into my life. 

Anyhoo! Thanks for reading :)