Brickworks Shikoku Meetup

Hey guys! Welcome to my Shikoku Update. We had a Shikoku meetup this morning.

Joining us today was;  

  • Tochi, female, 3 years old  - Julius harness
  • Mayumi, female, 2 years old  - orange harness 
  • Kaiya, female, almost 1 years old - black harness 
  • Loki, female, 5 months - green harness  

This is also the order they are in the photo below from left to right! 


Mayumi, Tochi and Loki ran off leash, however we all ended up just grouped together while our dogs played together! 

Loki and Kaiya were having a blast wrestling and while these photos might look scary; this is how Shikoku play! They are very mouthy and vocal!  (No one was hurt in these photos)

Tochi and Mayumi liked to play off leash and play “chase me!” 

I am also learning that Mayumi can be offleash with other offleash dogs around and be recalled back to me, its about 100% success rate in recalling her with people/other dogs offleash. (which is awesome) 

Overall it was a very fun walk with everybody and I’m glad the dogs got to run around and play with each other! I’ll attach some more photos below!  

Good Evening/Afternoon/Morning, really whenever you're reading this!

Today Mayumi and I headed out to Punslich, Ontario (near Guelph) to meet with some friends for a dog walk. I was forewarned, one of my friends small dog was dog aggressive. Myself and my friend are both dog trainers and we said we'd figure it out if anything happened.

My friend has one Miniature Pinscher and brought her sisters dog, Mavis. Mavis is dog aggressive. Brittney has worked very hard with Mavis so that even though she doesn't like other dogs, they are able to go on off-leash hikes with new unfamiliar dogs. 

We went to a lake conservation, a sort of unofficial off-leash dog walking area. I was happily surprised when walking that Mayumi could run up to new dogs, have a play session and then be recalled back to me to leave to a new area. Mavis fetched her ball the entire time and as long as she was occupied, she didnt bother Mayumi at all. Mayumi and lexi eventually played.

We met up with another friend who brought her golden and walked for about 2 hours. The trail led us to a few lakes, in the woods and some clear trails. We ran into many different breeds from Great Danes to little dogs, more Min Pins and shih-tzus.

Meeting other people, they always say Mayumi looks like a fox! Some people asked me more details about her personality and the breed, its always nice to introduce the breed to people. Overall, it was an awesome hike. Mayumi loves loves to be off leash and play with other dogs. She ran around for those 2 hours. She even went into the lake, I was surprised.

Now, shes passed out and will probably not wake up until tomorrow! hahaha. 

MyDogDNA results are in!

First, here is the link to her results, I've also posted them to her dog profile on my website. Looking at these results, I'm sort of learning what everything means while having my biology friends explain everything! It's still very cool. Her GHI is 88. I've found more common breeds have a higher GHI than 100, however I think 88 is still pretty good, as looking at other shikokus they range from 78-90. 

Trying to learn about coat colours, Mayumi si ay/aw. ay is dominant, and im presuming thats her red sesame look about her and aw is recessive to ay. Aw/aw would be a black sesame dog. Doing a punnett square, if I bred with an aw/aw in theory its 50%/50% red sesame to black sesame puppies. 

In my mind you cant predict what colour puppies you will have, but its nice. I dont want to place any puppies based on colour preference. I understand the aesthetically pleasing a black sesame Shikoku is, they look like wolfs or coyotes. I originally wanted a black sesame, however I chose Mayumi based on personality and how she would fit into my life. 

Anyhoo! Thanks for reading :) 

Swabbing Mayumi Cheeks

I got the optimal selection and swabbed Mayumis cheeks. She was a good girl and just sat and let me do it. Basically you get the box, and it gives you two swabs. It says to swab between her gums and cheeks for 15 seconds. So I did that exactly, then you have to do it a second time. The second time Mayumi was not amused, but still sat for me and let me do it:)

image1 (1).jpeg

Then youre supposed to let it sit for 5 minutes while you fill out the paperwork online. I had to hide the swab samples from the two cats, because I dont trust them (at all) 

3 weeks from now we will have our DNA results!


Optimal Selection

The Optimal Selection DNA health kit has finally shipped, now were just waiting for it to arrive, swab mayumi cheeks and send it back and wait again! haha

Cant wait to see what her health results will be!