Our Puppies

Our puppies are socialized starting the day they are born. Puppies go home at 10 weeks, not the typical 7-8 week period. Socialization is key with puppies from 5 weeks until 12 weeks. This is when they learn how to behave around other dogs. By keeping the litter together until 10 weeks, they will learn key information that will set a good foundation. While the puppies are in our care, we will expose them to different people, surfaces and challenges in attempt to set the puppies up for success in adulthood. Given when you get your puppy you will need to do obedience training throughout his/her life.  Here's a great socialization article! We are following the training of Dr. Ed Bailey. You can read some of the links below for his articles!

Producing Behaviorally Sound Puppies
Giving Pups a Head Start
The 49th Day

A signed contract and deposit are required to be on my waiting list. I don't breed unless I have enough people interest in a litter. 
If you have any questions, feel free to email me: allison@ikigaishikokus.com

Upcoming Litters

Current breeding plans are on hold indefinitely due to unforeseen circumstances.