Photo by Joyce S.

Photo by Joyce S.

Welcome to Ikigai Shikoku Kennel

Why Ikigai?

生き甲斐 (ikigai)
a Japanese concept meaning "a reason for being", 
a reason to get up in the morning',
 to enjoy the meaning of life- passion, purpose, something one lives for.

" Animals have always been my passion, and I knew my entire life would be surrounded by dogs. When I found this concept, it only made sense to name my kennel after it."
- Allison Nadler (owner and breeder)


Thank you for visiting my Shikoku Kennel Page.

I am a new Shikoku Ken breeder located in the GTA (Ontario, Canada). I'm excited to grow and add new Shikoku Ken to my kennel. Please visit our About page to learn more about the kennel and myself! If you would like to learn more about the Shikoku, head over to the Shikoku Standard page to learn more about the Shikoku Ken. We also have links where you can learn more about everyday life with a Shikoku Ken.